A healthy relationship and a commitment to trust in counseling is essential. The law protects the client–therapist right to privacy. For these reasons, counseling is completely confidential unless you speak about hurting yourself or someone else. This means that nothing that you share in counseling will be shared with others unless you are you are a risk to yourself or another human being.

If allegations of child abuse or elder abuse arise in counseling we are obligated to report these matters to authorities. If someone is threatening harm to another person we are legally obligated to inform that person to ensure their safety. If a client is threatening to harm themselves we will make every effort to encourage this person to seek psychiatric support independently but will break confidentiality, as allowed by law, to ensure their safety if they refuse. In all other circumstances we only share information with others unless a release of confidential information is signed by an adult. Information from sessions with minors under age 18 will not be shared with parents unless risk is imminent.

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