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Your Next Step

Taking time to consider support is the next step toward confronting the reasons that may be preventing you from fully experiencing yourself, your relationships, your potential, and your true purpose in life.

You may also be seeking support for a child that you know is desperately in need of changes in his or her life because of the chaos that he or she is experiencing and the resulting effect on your family.

As therapists with a holistic approach utilizing cognitive and behavioral strategies tailored specifically to the sensitive needs of you or a child, our goals are to assist you in understanding how to use your strengths to overcome destructive thought patterns and behavior in your life. Our approach includes a great deal of self-reflection in session as well as challenges to practice our goals during the rest of your life. Counseling requires work, and working hard with good counseling does provide benefits.

The decision to engage in a journey of counseling can be difficult because of the fear, guilt, or embarrassment that is common when thinking about counseling and what it may include. If you are willing to accept the challenge and the opportunity to discover the true person inside of you we sincerely look forward to embarking on the next steps to make positive changes in your life.

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